Our Trainer and Founder

Be You Fitness was founded by Abby in 2013.  Abby found her passion for fitness and community wellness while studying exercise science at Hanover College.  While learning the increased demand in health and wellness as disease prevention, she quickly became motivated to implement health and wellness in her own community.  Abby has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor since 2011 after graduating from Hanover with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology.   


Abby has been spiritually moved along her journey and noticed that her clients are in need of much more than just a workout.  Workouts are personal and can be beneficial in ways that many do not think about.  Her calling is deeper than just helping people lose weight.  In her own words, “Many of us struggle with something mentally and emotionally.  We all have a driving force.  We have to remember who created us as human beings and be thankful for that first.  We have to love ourselves, just as Jesus does.”  


Fast forward to present day 2022, Abby now teaches group fitness, strength training, and one on one personal training at the UR Fit Gym in Osgood, Indiana.  The The UR Fit Gym is a shared ministry space that also encompasses a the UR Cafe and Upper Room Sanctuary where worship services are held every Friday evening. The Upper Room has become a part of Abby’s calling and enhanced the whole-person experience for her clients.  She encourages everyone around her to dig deep and move the body that God created because YOU are worth it!